When Life Gives you Lemons, Make Music

One site that rarely comes to mind when we think of traditional social media platforms is Spotify. However, used properly, Spotify can become an effective tool to engage with consumers and promote awareness.

One  company that has successfully crafted their presence on Spotify is Lululemon. The athletic wear company has over 3,500 followers on Spotify and 24 playlists. With playlists like “Lights Out, Go Run” and “The H.I.I.T. List,” the brand is able to create a comprehensive experience for their customers that stretches beyond their tangible merchandise. Now, whenever consumers want to workout, they can reach for not only Lululemon workout clothing but also sync up to one of the brand’s playlists designed for different workouts. The company is able to remain in their customer’s consideration set well beyond their purchases without pushing content in their faces.

Screen Shot 2017-03-14 at 11.48.09 AM

Lululemon also maintains consumer engagement outside the fitness realm with playlists for each season, as well as comprehensive “Best of” yearly playlists. This diversity creates a more dynamic consumer relationship, as well as allowing users who may not be as interested in workout music to find the brand and engage.

One disclaimer in replicating this strategy is to make sure that the platform and content suit your brand image. A brand like Lululemon creating fitness playlists is a natural extension of the brand that enhances their reach and image. Other companies may find it harder to remain relevant on this particular platform, and this oversaturation of irrelevant media can actually become a nuisance for users and harm brand perception.

Key takeaways:

  • Spotify can be a creative platform for brands to connect with fans and showcase a personality outside of their products.
  • The main focus of playlists should relate to your core business, but a few others to remain socially relevant can help build the consumer relationship.
  • Be sure that your presence on Spotify, or any social platform, aligns with your business and promotes related content. Do not be on any site just for the sake of being there.



5 thoughts on “When Life Gives you Lemons, Make Music

  1. I actually have used this playlist before and its so awesome. It’s so cool how a brand is able to expand on their values and create something so interactive with their customers. Good job with the post!


  2. One of my brand comparison paper companies was lululemon. When doing research, I found that Spotify was somewhere that lululemon had a presence. Like you said, this is definitely not a traditional platform, but why not? Everyone works out with music, so this makes perfect sense. Definitely a content marketing win!!


  3. I didn’t know they had a playlist but thats really cool. I follow kayla Itsines on instagram and have listened to her workout playlist on Apple Music before. It is interesting how brands are breaking out on all of these unique platforms. I think it really does set them apart. I wonder if there are other brands present on spotify or apple music aside from fitness/ athletic ones.


  4. I am a huge LuluLemon believer. My family has been supporting and buying from this brand since it first launched, many years ago. Their yoga sessions on the rooftops of their retail locations intertwine perfectly with their playlists, which bring high following and awareness to their brand.
    I loved this post because Lulu does this marketing aspect so seamlessly throughout their marketing strategy. Going to listen in on this one today!!


  5. Good post! Brands on Spotify can really interact with consumers in a not too pushy way. I wonder if people more often just download the Spotify workout playlists, or choose the fun lulu ones.


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