IKEA Seeks to Repair all the Relationship Problems it may Have Caused

Amy Poehler once joked that IKEA is Swedish for “argument.” Even executives of the company like to refer to their more complicated-assembly products as “relationship killers.” These jabs stem from the difficulty that comes with assembling the company’s furniture–think dozens of small parts, difficult to pronounce names, and no-text instructions–and the arguments that follow between couples struggling to complete the task. ikea

To combat this image with a humorous twist, IKEA came out with a campaign entitled “Retail Therapy.” In it, the compiled the most frequently-Googled relationship and family questions in Sweden and created a new website, ikearetailtherapy.com, where each question is “answered” with the perfect accompanying product. The results are hilarious.


She doesn’t want to cuddle? IKEA suggests a mattress wedge. He doesn’t text you back? Maybe his phone died; IKEA suggests a USB phone charger. The “my partner is selfish” search yields a result for double sinks. There are over 100 equally comical results, all available for purchase on the sight.


This campaign brilliantly utilizes search engine marketing. By using the most frequently Googled inquiries and paying to have their results be promoted at the top of searches, IKEA is guaranteeing that people will see their products in search results and raise awareness. The cheeky humor in the product names is effective at generating buzz and getting people to share the jokes online, adding the power of word-of-mouth spread. The marketing agency behind this successful idea named the goal of the campaign as being no matter what relationship problem you have, “IKEA can come to the rescue. Or at least put a smile on your face, while you keep googling for an answer.” It is this subtle, highly visible humor that puts this campaign at the forefront of consumer views without pushing it on them and effectively boosts brand perception and customer relations.





4 thoughts on “IKEA Seeks to Repair all the Relationship Problems it may Have Caused

  1. I didn’t know ikea has something like this. It definitely a really good marketing strategy especially when it comes to those who already shop at ikea, has a sense of humor, and relates to these issues. This has caught my attention and its something i would share.


  2. I love this! These names are hilarious, and I’ve already considered sharing these names on Facebook. I love clever, humorous advertising like this. I’m actually wishing I needed furniture because this is so fantastic!


  3. I think this was a great idea from Ikea. Humorous advertising is always a good idea especially when there are so many jokes made about the struggle of assembling furniture.


  4. I never knew Ikea have something like this! I believe this is very smart and creative way to advertise. Really enjoyed reading your post!


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