Wake Me Up Before You Gogh Gogh

Fans of impressionist painter Vincent Van Gogh are in for the ultimate immersive experience. In a clever marketing campaign, the Art Institute of Chicago has teamed up with Airbnb to create a life-sized, physical version of Van Gogh’s Bedrooms. For only $10 a night, guests can stay in the room and take part in this once-in-a-lifetime experience, complete with tickets to the full exhibit.


The marketing implications of this event are profound. Buzz around this event reached multiple news sites and spread large amounts of positive word-of-mouth for both Airbnb and the museum.

When the exhibit first opened, the first month of reservations sold out in 5 minutes. Excited guests staying in the room flooded social media with positive feedback and garnered both brands high positive social metrics. In just a few weeks, the Art Institute was one of the top trending hashtags on Twitter.

dans-ta-pub-van-gogh-air-bnb-museum-location-768x506By using their logo in Van Gogh’s name in the exhibit logo, Airbnb creatively put their stamp on the project.

On the financial side, setting up the exhibit cost about $31,000 and saw a return of $6 million in earned media. It quickly became the highest attended exhibit at the museum in over 15 years, showing how 2 completely different brands can collaborate and create an effective marketing campaign.





One thought on “Wake Me Up Before You Gogh Gogh

  1. This is so cool!! I’ve always been a fan of Van Gogh’s art, and it’s so awesome that you could “live in one of his paintings” for only $10 a night! Chicago is my favorite city and I visit it very frequently, so I might have to look into that the next time I’m there!


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